MCAP: A Case Study on the Benefits of Coaching

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Coaching is the single-most powerful tool any organization can use to leverage its most expensive asset – its people. Implementing a comprehensive coaching system will ensure your organization can inspect, direct and elevate performance outcomes, including greater productivity, increased sales, improved quality and the most desirable customer experience levels.

MCAP, a privately held mortgage company, approached Orbit Group with a specific goal. They sought to make coaching a clear point of differentiation in their performance improvement strategy. The servicing division is the largest division in the company both in terms of the number of team members and profitability. Servicing improvements would therefore bring significant benefit to the company. Together, MCAP and Orbit Group built a high-performance culture that quickly became a critical advantage in the highly competitive financial services marketplace. By understanding their specific problems, we were able to exceed their expectations and help them deliver many consecutive quarters of better divisional financial performance and improving customer loyalty.

Defined Goals

Working with the MCAP team, Orbit Group created a set of clearly defined goals.

Implementation Process

The first step was to define a coaching practice. In this case, Orbit Group’s Achieve 7™ performance coaching methodology was the foundation on which success would be built. It allowed MCAP to define performance and coaching expectations through a framework of discipline, engagement and accountability. Together, we created three distinct versions of conversation models – one each for sales & service, collections and coaching.

The senior leaders of the division went through the coaching program. It was then rolled out to all leaders. Once the method was engrained in leaders, the conversations programs were rolled out to the team members. A year into the program, MCAP began to use the Compas™ SaaS platform, Orbit Group’s proprietary performance feedback tool.

Lessons Learned

MCAP understood that long-term benefits relied on their ability to sustain a healthy coaching ecosystem. That meant putting in place the physical infrastructure needed to feed and maintain the coaching practice.

The path reinforced several keys to success:

The Proof

Service Division

Sales Division


Company Wide

The Company Today

MCAP is successfully uniting human practice with technology platforms. For the first time, MCAP has in place the controls needed to direct the focus of their people in an immediate and impactful way.

This includes:

MCAP, working with Orbit Group, has demonstrated the way to drive the fastest improvement to your clients’ experience and your bottom line. Coaching directs the focus of your employees to your priorities and helps them develop the knowledge and skills that allow them to be their best.