Case Studies

Incorporating Third Party Providers in Performance Programs

Case Study Categories: Performance Measurement.

How does an international provider of customized cell phone and device insurance programs maintain top-notch, consistent end-user service in a complex environment? In such a complex logistics operation, point of contact performance can make a huge difference to overall service delivery. Read on! →

Raising the Bar on Technical Service Delivery

Case Study Categories: Coaching.

How can a technical service delivery organization at a major national telecommunication company get better, when they’re already a top-of-class contact centre that values coaching and continual improvement? They engaged Orbit and discovered the difference between coaching for results and coaching for performance. And with that, just how much stronger their organization could actually get. Read on! →

How Balanced Scorecards Drive Contact Centre Results to the Next Level

Case Study Categories: Performance Measurement.

A major national telecommunications company implemented an integrated performance management process across its ten contact centres, which collectively manage thousands of agents, to deliver over 10% up-lift in performance as well as improved staff retention. Everybody running a contact centre Read on! →

MCAP: A Case Study on the Benefits of Coaching

Case Study Categories: Coaching.

Coaching is the single-most powerful tool any organization can use to leverage its most expensive asset – its people. Implementing a comprehensive coaching system will ensure your organization can inspect, direct and elevate performance outcomes, including greater productivity, increased sales, Read on! →

Royal Canadian Mint – A Case for Performance Transparency

Case Study Categories: Significant Data.

Best intentions only get you so far. Establishing clearly defined expectations of employees is a good start, but without precise measurement and transparent feedback, provided at regular intervals, companies won’t the positive performance momentum they seek. Performance transparency is a Read on! →