We Know What Works

We are not out to replace the tools you’re already using. We provide you with an over-arching system that will help you get more out of your tools.

We built our international success on tight partnerships with our clients. We’ve learned what works, what doesn’t and what’s missing in traditional approaches. We’ve learned to make our system adaptable from industry to industry, client to client. It delivers in any situation.

Our experience is both broad and deep. It has led us to the development of a complete system built on mutually supporting products and methodology.

Coaching is Key

No amount of ingenious software or clever analytics alone will get you where your want to be. It is the human element that makes the difference. That’s where coaching comes in.

Our coaching methodology, Achieve 7™, is the nutrition that sustains the health of your organization. You’ll see the improvement and your employees will see it too.

The behaviour improvements of Achieve 7 amplify throughout your entire process. They get better results, which give employees more confidence. Confident employees have more successful customer experiences. Successful experiences improve results even further.

Better Than Average

If Achieve 7 is the nutrition, Compas™ is the exercise. They work together to give you the fit organization you’re striving for.

Compas is Orbit’s proprietary feedback tool. All work force management systems give you numbers. Compas gives you the story behind the numbers. It doesn’t just show you where you can improve, but how you can improve.

By going beyond averages to glean details of individual shortcomings and achievements, you’ll be able to recognize successful behaviour and replicate it. And you’ll be able to make corrections immediately, before problems develop into entrenched habits.

Any system that relies on averages alone will give you average results. Where other systems leave money on the table, Compas picks it up and puts it in your pocket.

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