Show me the Money

Orbit can guarantee you’ll have a better bottom line almost immediately. To start, we’ll give you a free assessment of the current fitness of your organization. We’ll show you where you can improve right away and where you can make long-term gains. Most clients start seeing a real difference within 30 days.

We Get Results

Our system has returned tens of millions of dollars in bottom-line benefits to Orbit Group’s clients.

Average KPI improvements are:

  • Agent Productivity 15%
  • Quality of Customer Experience 20%
  • Sales Revenues 25%
  • Overall Coaching Effectiveness 75%

What does this mean for the bottom line? The following table shows some of the effects of a mere 1% improvement:



Gain Share: The Risk-free Way to Optimize Operational Performance

Most consulting and technology providers ask you to pay them before you realize any tangible operational savings or increased revenue. All the risk is on you.

At Orbit, we’re so sure of our ability to improve your results, we’ve created a unique offer that places the responsibility on us instead of you. We only get paid out of the savings that we generate for you. Not only do you get to keep the majority of those savings, you also don’t pay us until they’ve been generated – thereby costing you effectively nothing compared to what you are currently spending. Think of it as Return Without Investment.

The Gainshare Guarantee:
With Gainshare, Orbit guarantees your bottom line will be in far better shape than it was before.

How Gainshare Works

Gainshare is a 3-phase program.

  • It starts with a free benchmarking assessment to identify your level of opportunity.
  • Performance baselines are mutually agreed, based on the key metrics that most affect performance in your organization.
  • Through the implementation of relevant components of Orbit’s comprehensive performance system, improvements are created and measured to generate savings or additional revenues compared to baselines.

Can You Afford Not to Invest in Performance Improvement ?

In today’s demanding business environment, no-one can afford to have performance weaknesses in their operation. Gainshare is your solution to making the improvements you need, at absolutely no risk.

More about Gainshare

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