Third Party Performance

How does an international provider of customized cell phone and device insurance programs maintain top-notch, consistent end-user service in a complex environment? In a complex logistics operation, point of contact performance can make a huge difference to overall service delivery. And when the contact centre operation is outsourced to a third party, the challenge becomes that much greater.

Using Orbit’s proprietary feedback platform Compas™ as a diagnostic tool, the client company discovered that their existing provider was seriously underperforming. Even where they appeared to be meeting KPIs, averages had obscured the truth about what kind of scores were actually possible if teams were given better focus and training.

An alternate third party provider, Millennium1 Solutions, was brought in for a 40-seat test against the remaining seats still held by the incumbent supplier. Together with Orbit, they established new KPIs that raised the performance bar. Through a continuous performance improvement cycle of coaching and continued Compas feedback, Millennium1 Solutions was able to raise performance so effectively they were awarded 100% of the seats by the client.

To learn more about how it was done, read the Case Study here.

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